Nick Makinson was born in the Midlands, Birmingham. He started in the gun trade at the early age of 19. He began as an apprentice with Benjamin Wild and Son in Price Street, Birmingham.

In 1964 he bought a existing company, Hale & Hunt (Parker Hale fame) and started on his own by making guns for the trade. He along with his five employees did work for the trade work including barrel, action, sear hammer work etc. for such companies as Churchill, Atkin Grant & Lang etc.

He emigrated to Canada in 1982 with his wife, daughter & son, he continued making custom rifles and shotguns for the discerning customer.

He also wrote a number of articles for the Double Gun Journal.
Nicholas J. Makinson
10194 Glendon Drive
Canada NOL 1R0
Ph: (519) 471 5462